Arches, Cathedrals & Grounded Awareness

Your feet provide the ability to stand, balance, walk and run but are often overlooked. Our workshop this Sunday, July 28 at AVAC® will demonstrate how asana yoga poses can support your postural alignment and ground your awareness.  Our foot is quite a complex system when compared to the other skeletal aspects of our body.... Continue Reading →

A 20-Minute Yoga Flow for Crazy Busy Days

via - Some days are so nuts that squeezing in a workout doesn’t seem possible, never mind slowing down enough to practice yoga. But here’s the good news: Everyone has 20 minutes. In this video from Grokker, yoga instructor Laura Burkhart takes you through an intermediate vinyasa practice. This balanced flow series is energetic and... Continue Reading →

Raising the Barre at AVAC®

via - Fitness Magazine The Beginner's Guide to Barre Are your friends hitting up a different kind of bar these days? Here's what to expect from the barre workout, and why you too should shed your sneakers (literally — you do it barefoot!) and give it a try. How to Describe Barre to Your Friends... Continue Reading →

Rise and Shine!

via - Christine Cung | Team AVAC® Although I've always been a morning person, I have the hardest time waking up and finding the will to get out of bed. After giving up coffee, I've taken to stretching in the mornings to wake up and get myself ready for the day ahead. I set my... Continue Reading →

Relieve Stress with Restorative Yoga

AVAC's Therapeutic Yoga class is a carefully designed collection of restorative yoga, gentle yoga, breath work, guided meditation, and hands-on healing. Unique because there are no standing poses. A perfect practice for students with injuries, arthritis, inflammation, or challenges. Equally beneficial for students with no health issues but need to reduce stress, relax, and renew. Lead by... Continue Reading →

Try Therapeutic Yoga at AVAC®

via - Mary Ann Smith, Team AVAC® Therapeutic Yoga | Nanci Tudish Tuesdays | 1 - 2 PM Pilates Studio | Almaden Valley Athletic Club WHAT IS THERAPEUTIC YOGA? Therapeutic Yoga is a carefully-designed collection of restorative yoga, gentle yoga, breath work, guided meditation, and hands-on healing.  What makes Therapeutic Yoga unique is that there are no... Continue Reading →

Power Yoga To Stretch & Strengthen

via Pop Sugar - YouTube oga makes for great strength training since it also increases your flexibility. This 10-minute yoga flow series, from YogaWorks, will challenge your sense of balance while working your core and legs.  

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