On Failing (Or Just Not Quite Getting It Right)

Failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing; also it’s sometimes hilarious! I share a lot of things on here about what I can do after all this time in AbsoluteFIT, but I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t share the things I can’t do, or don’t do well (I mean in fitness and health, not,... Continue Reading →

First Challenge of 2018: Let Laura Hsu Help You Make It Happen! 

It’s the nutrition, you guys.  Check out this comparison photo — me today (1/2/2018), vs. me a year ago (1/12/2017). I started the AbsoluteFit Challenge 2.0 last March, and as I mentioned here — several times — the hardest part of it for me was the eating. I didn’t want to change my habits, I... Continue Reading →

Core Exercises To Add To Your Cardio

via Marcus Edwardes - AVAC Hello Riders! There’s no doubt that Indoor Cycling is an incredible cardiovascular workout. There are in fact countless documented benefits to consistent cardio exercise that include increases in Energy and Productivity and even improved Learning and Memory. That’s right - Spinning can turn you into an unstoppable Success Machine!  I’m... Continue Reading →

The Other Ultimate Workout

via Marcus Edwardes - AVAC We all know that Spinning is the mother of all workouts and trains the most important muscle in your body: YOUR HEART! But - I’ve been searching for another "Ultimate Workout” in a singular exercise (to compliment Spinning) for years and I think I’ve found it... Tim Ferriss wrote about... Continue Reading →

How To Workout In Your Bed

via Pop Sugar - YouTube Traveling doesn't mean you need to forgo your workout. You can work your entire body without ever leaving your hotel room or without even getting out of bed. Here are three full-body moves for you to try next time you're on the road. Press play, and get ready to jump... Continue Reading →

No Excuses. Play Like A Champion.

via Vanessa Hockemeyer - AVAC Vince Vaughn said it best in Wedding Crashers. “No excuses, play like a champion.” The context of that quote relates to something a little different, but I think that quote pretty much sums it up when it comes to health and wellness. When it comes down to it, you can’t... Continue Reading →

15 Reasons You Should Find Yourself A Workout BFF

via Ziplock - BuzzFeed 1. They’ll do the ridiculous-looking moves with you so you don’t look absolutely insane at the gym. Via youthewhoa.com You doing the move: cray. Both of you doing the move: totally normal, move along haters. 2. They make SURE you get up for your early-morning workout together. Via fitgirlprblms.tumblr.com No excuses boo boo! 3. They turn... Continue Reading →

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