AbsoluteFIT Friends: Meet Dana!

Nobody goes as hard as Dana — she’s an inspiration to us all! You probably already know who Dana is — the unstoppable dynamo of the AbsoluteFIT world, and one of the most encouraging and upbeat people you’ll ever meet anywhere. Here, she tells about the AbsoluteFIT experience from her perspective.  1) Why did you... Continue Reading →

Ready to Hit the Weights? Here’s 10 Pro Tips for Beginners

via - bodybuilding.com Education is one of the most important tools in a gym-goer's repertoire. Learn a little more about training, nutrition, and supplementation from these 10 pros! Success in fitness hinges on education. Without at least some knowledge about nutrition, training, motivation, and supplementation, your New Year's resolutions for better health in 2014 may... Continue Reading →

Get Lean, Not Bulky

via - Greatist.com Ladies: Lifting Weights Won't Make You Bulky A rampant concern for women who exercise all over the world is this: If I lift weights, will I get bulky? And it’s a legitimate concern considering these two things: Positive results of weight lifting for women can take several months to achieve depending on... Continue Reading →

Is Speed Training For You?

via - Jon Cebula, Personal Trainer | Team AVAC® Benefits of Speed Training in Cardio As a Personal Trainer I see a lot of common mistakes made on the fitness floor. The most frequent mistakes I see are made during cardio. More often than not I see people “Steady State Training” during their cardio workout.... Continue Reading →

8 Social Networks for Fitness Freaks

via Eric Larson - Mashable Motivation plays an essential role in exercising. Without it, working out just becomes...working.If you don't have a partner to push you through your lifting routines — "One more set, bro, you got this!" — consider these eight social networks instead. They're designed to keep track of your workouts, count your calories and, above all,... Continue Reading →

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