Achieve Greatness in Health from Top to Bottom

The Vail Blog: “ABC’s” of Discipline in Health, Fitness and Wellness “G” | Green Leafy Veggies, Gluteus & Greatness Let’s Take it From the Top: Eat More Green Leafy Vegetables! Make those green leafy veggies part of every meal and snack throughout your day. Mix them with eggs for a delicious omelet or blend 'em into a... Continue Reading →

Helpful Tips to Use Next Time You’re on the Keiser

via - Jon Cebula, CPT, AbsoluteFIT Coach @ AVAC® In the world of sports and fitness your ability to properly set-up your equipment is crucial to athletic success as well as longevity. Improper set-up of athletic and fitness equipment can quickly lead to injuries of various degrees. Today I would like to give you some... Continue Reading →


via - Mary Ann Smith, Senior Wellness Director | Team AVAC® TIPS FOR BARRE EXERCISE CLASSES Barre workouts have become popular classes for a good reason. It is great for all levels and challenges a participant from beginning to end.  For us here at Almaden Valley Athletic Club® we have included a Gentle Barre class... Continue Reading →

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