AbsoluteFIT with Lydia: Fever Dreams

via - Lydia M, AVAC's AbsoluteFIT blogger Real people have real-life issues — patience is a virtue! From the Life Gets In the Way desk: Just as I was getting back into my AbsoluteFIT groove, post-vacation, feeling good, feeling strong … the Low-Grade Illness From Heck struck our house. I went down first — a... Continue Reading →

AbsoluteFIT with Lydia – “I’m a Hacker!” 

via - Lydia M., AVAC's AbsoluteFIT Blogger Queen Guess what? I’m a hacker! A hacker-up-of-lungs, not a computer hacker or a life hacker … [five minute spasm of horrible, croaking, blucky-sounding coughing ensues] Yeah, so, after I wrote that post last week — five excuses for skipping a workout, and how to conquer them —... Continue Reading →

Should You Exercise When Sick? [Infographic]

via - precisionnutrition.com | By John Berardi, Ph.D. You just hit a nice rhythm with your newly ramped-up training routine. And now… you’re sick. Because the universe hates you. We’ve all been there. Guess what? Fitting in some exercise when sick isn’t always a bad idea. In fact, if you play it right, moving your body can actually promote immunity... Continue Reading →

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