Celebrating at Cinnabar Hills

Mary Ann Smith, AVAC's Senior Wellness Director hosted a group of Members for lunch at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club this Holiday season.  On Friday, December 15, AVAC's December Senior Wellness luncheon was held at the Cinnabar Golf Club. The ride out to Cinnabar was beautiful; sun shining, pastoral vistas and lake views. Once inside the... Continue Reading →

Toasting These Lovelies

VALENTINE'S TEA via - Mary Ann Smith, AVAC® Senior Wellness Director AVAC's annual Senior Valentine's Day Tea was held February 15 at member, Judy Baughman's home. Judy stepped up to help since Shirley Lee, hostess for many years, had knee surgery. And let me tell you... in spite of short notice Judy is an incredible... Continue Reading →

Tips for a Fit Flight!

via - Mary Ann Smith, Senior Wellness Director, AVAC® Next year we have several trips planned from Almaden Valley Athletic Club®. Our first trip is in April to Washington DC; then to New Orleans and Graceland; next is a trip to the Canadian Rockies & Glacier Nation Park; and last the Southern Charm Holiday to... Continue Reading →

Senior Wellness Social

via - Mary Ann Smith | Team AVAC® On Friday, June 12, members gathered at the home of Jill Gossner to share some dessert and social time together. Jill’s home is in a lovely cul-de-sac so her back yard has interesting surprises. In one corner is a softly lit gazebo. Some of the members gathered there... Continue Reading →

Pilates for the Senior Population

via - Mary Ann Smith, Senior Wellness Director | Team AVAC® As the senior population grows, interest in maintaining and improving their quality of life with physical activity is growing. But with age come physical limitations and health issues. Pilates is an activity to counter the aging process. Here at Almaden Valley Athletic Club® we have... Continue Reading →

Wildflower Walk At Calero Park

via Mary Ann Smith - AVAC On Wednesday, April 16, 22 members and guests met at Calero Park to enjoy an easy to moderate 2.6 mile Spring hike on open fire roads with views of spectacular wildflowers and Calero reservoir. We heard the Park Ranger teach us about wildflowers and oak woodlands. At the end... Continue Reading →

T’ai Chi – Gentle Does Exist

via Mary Ann Smith, Wellness Director, AVAC Exercise without breaking a sweat. Raymond Reid, 67, of Portland, Maine, was suffering from high blood pressure when his doctor told him it was time to get serious about exercising. Reluctant to jump into a vigorous exercise program, Reid instead signed up for a class in T’ai Chi... Continue Reading →

Pilates For Seniors

By Mary Ann Smith, Director of Wellness, AVAC Pilates increases levels of strength, balance, flexibility, muscle tone, stamina and well being. It is known to improve posture and prevents aches and pains because it strengthens and stretches all muscles. Most importantly Pilates has exercises that are safe and effective. AARP states that the strengthening and... Continue Reading →

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