Holiday Brunch at Cinnabar? Yes, Please!

AVAC's Senior Wellness Program is designed to help members develop & maintain total fitness of mind, body & spirit. Our mission is to provide exceptional care to all members & guests, in an inclusive environment that supports personal & social well-being. One of the ways we foster this mission is by gathering at local venues to celebrate special... Continue Reading →

Toasting These Lovelies

VALENTINE'S TEA via - Mary Ann Smith, AVAC® Senior Wellness Director AVAC's annual Senior Valentine's Day Tea was held February 15 at member, Judy Baughman's home. Judy stepped up to help since Shirley Lee, hostess for many years, had knee surgery. And let me tell you... in spite of short notice Judy is an incredible... Continue Reading →

Pilates for the Senior Population

via - Mary Ann Smith, Senior Wellness Director | Team AVAC® As the senior population grows, interest in maintaining and improving their quality of life with physical activity is growing. But with age come physical limitations and health issues. Pilates is an activity to counter the aging process. Here at Almaden Valley Athletic Club® we have... Continue Reading →

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