How to Learn to [Actually] Like Running

via - I’ve completed three marathons, but I wasn’t born with an I-love-running gene. In middle school I dreaded the mile, and I dragged my feet the entire four laps when physical fitness testing came around. In high school I joined the cross-country team because all of my friends were doing it—I was the... Continue Reading →

19 Insanely Clever Hacks And Tricks To Improve Your Run

via James Grebey Staff 19 Insanely Clever Hacks And Tricks To Improve Your Run Turn miles of trials into miles of smiles with these tips. thinkstock 1. Prevent shin splints by drawing the alphabet with your toes. / Via Doing this strengthens your calf muscles, which can prevent injury. Try it the next time you’re... Continue Reading →

Stop & Enjoy The View

via Hanna Wares - AVAC Since running the Capitola Surfers Path Marathon on Sunday May18th people have asked me two things: was it hard and would I do it again? The hardest thing about running a marathon, in my opinion was not the marathon itself but the training. After all, the day itself is something... Continue Reading →

The Journey To 26.2

via Sheena Dinga - AVAC Working out has never been something that I look forward to nor has it been a part of my daily routine. Yes, going for a hike or walking the 2 miles to work has always been something I have enjoyed doing, but as soon as I realize it is exercise,... Continue Reading →

Feel The Burn: A Caloric Breakdown

via Daily Infographic Oh God, I have some bad news. My diet of dark chocolate and cashews carries more calories than fried chicken. Don’t worry, switching to fried chicken wont be a problem! Seriously though, the human body does not require many calories to function, yet we can consume 138 times more calories than we... Continue Reading →

The Intimidation Of Working Out

via Marie Diercks - AVAC The Intimidation of working out could keep you from having a great workout! Pictured: Marie & Jenn ready for poolside boot camp! So, a member came up to me the other day and said, “Oh, you’re the Poolside Boot Camp Instructor…I said, “Yes!” (I’m thinking she was going to ask... Continue Reading →

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