An Easy ‘On the Go’ Weekend Snack

via - Jennifer Chong's blog at PHOTOS & CONTENT BY JENNIFER CHONG My friend Aaron was raving about these ultra addicting Sriracha Cashews he was having from Nature Box the other day. He suggested that I tried them so I looked them up and thought it was funny that the ingredients didn't actually contain... Continue Reading →

Go Nuts

via Daily Infographic Going on a long hike? Take some nuts. Nuts are light enough to carry around and still pack the high energy needed when you hit the trails. That’s why nuts are the greatest snack of all time! Nuts are used in almost all ingredients and can make or break a meal.  They... Continue Reading →

8 Healthy And Delicious Take-To-Work Snacks

via Jessica Seinfeld - BuzzFeed Most healthy snacks offer very little textural contrast — they’re either all smushy, like smoothies and oatmeal, or all crunchy, like pretzels and granola bars. Having a little crunch with a little something creamy is more satisfying. I like crispbread crackers (like this) for the task because there is just the right... Continue Reading →

A Guide To Vegetarian Protein Sources

via Sarah Haan, Registered Dietitian & Nicole Nichols, Health Educator - Spark People Eating a vegetarian diet can be very healthful and rewarding. However, most vegetarians—including soon-to-be vegetarians and their meat-eating loved ones—are concerned about getting adequate protein. Most people are accustomed to getting protein from meat, but what else contains protein? Fortunately, with a bit of extra... Continue Reading →

Best Foods For Energy

via Live Strong - Ashley Schwader Life can be busy and fast-paced so often we are left looking for a high-energy food source. All of these food choices are healthy and will provide energy because according to the Mayo Clinic they contain an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, while being low in... Continue Reading →

Apple Salad

via Hub Pages Ingredients Three celery stalks Two red apples One yellow apple Seedless grapes One lemon One orange A pear Pecans (1/2 Cup) Preparation Peel the apples and pears then chop them into pieces, squeeze the lemon and orange over the apples and pears. Chop the celery into a bowl. Mix them all up... Continue Reading →

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