AbsoluteFIT Friends: Meet Michelle!

AbsoluteFIT is a key part of Michelle’s fitness routine.  One of the best features of AbsoluteFIT is the people you meet in the studio. Michelle is a consistent regular in AbsoluteFIT workouts, and a welcoming, friendly face whom you can count on to challenge you as you do your thing; here, she shares some thoughts... Continue Reading →

What’s on YOUR Playlist?

A workout playlist - if done right - can be just the thing to pick you up and keep you going! What's on YOUR playlist? via Web MD | By Robyn Abree Music and Your Workout Music could make your workout better by helping you last longer and enjoy it more. You just have to know what types of... Continue Reading →

The Rhythm Is The Power

via Marcus Edwardes - AVAC There is MAGICAL ENERGY in the beat of every song I select for our class: Every song I choose - I choose for it’s Rhythm - it's BPM. (Beats Per Minute) When we warm up - I choose songs with a BPM of 95-105 Light resistance) If I want to... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Workout Playlist

via AVAC - Leslie Meils We keep getting requests for the music our Group Fitness instructor's play, so here is Leslie's playlist for her 'Cardio Dance' class. Talk To Me - PeachesGentelman - PSY Cough Cough - Everything Everything Super Bass - Nicki Minaj Mueve La Pompa - Zumba Fitness Drop It Low - Ester... Continue Reading →

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