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The Struggle Was Real

via – Marie Dierks, AVAC® CPT

As I sat down to share some totally fancy thoughts on kinesiology I realized I was compelled to share the following instead. . .

I dropped my kids off at school this morning and my 5 year old daughter decided it would be the perrfect opportunity to have a complete melt down. (She’s in kindergarten.) I literally had to pick her up and drag her into class.

The struggle was REAL!

So now I’m going to tattle on myself….I had a mommy moment and started to cry. By the time I got to AVAC I had already given myself about 5 pep talks….mostly relating to how I need to get my game face on and be there for my Absolute fit clients. And so I did! Buuuuut, if I’m being honest, it’s the Clients themselves who actually lift ME up… Today especially. As soon as I saw their smiling faces I felt so much better!

This experience was a great reminder of how much we feed off of each other’s energy and good vibes! How we get soooo much more out of the Absolute fit classes then just the great workout.

Good energy, great support and amazing friendships!

I feel truly blessed to a part of the AVAC team and honored every day to contribute to the goals and the success of others! And today I humbly thank my clients for being my uplifting support!




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Gotta Start Somewhere

via – Lydia M., AVAC AbsoluteFIT Contributor

We’re doing the AbsoluteFIT challenge 2.0!

Friday night, we got together in the Cafe: a group of the people who are doing the AbsoluteFIT challenge. We learned what to expect, we got some kickoff advice and some schwag, and we got to meet our fellow challengers.

Each of us has our reasons — and I’ll be telling others’ stories in addition to my own. Each of us has our goals; mine include major changes in my nutrition situation. Each of us will be going for a personal best.

And me?
I’m gonna be writing about it, every step of the way, starting with … this: 

Work with me, people. And if you’re doing the challenge, share your thoughts — we can all do better if we work together!!

—Lydia M. 


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Motivation Magnet: Get Inspired, Together, by the AbsoluteFITness Challenge 2.0!

 A challenge appears! 

abfit2-0-challHave you been thinking about making some changes, getting healthier, but not sure where to start? Have you been doing regular gym workouts, or even AbsoluteFIT sessions, but want some additional guidance and encouragement? Do you just like a project?

Then the AbsoluteFITness Challenge 2.0 is for you!

From March 13 to April 9, AVAC is presenting this event, which will pull together all kinds of people who have — or want to make — fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals. You just register online (follow this link to find out more), and get ready to make some lasting changes in the company of people who are doing the same. Look what’s included in your 28-day journey:

  • Kick-Off Party—Friday, March 10 @ 6:30 pm
    • 28 Days of Unlimited AbsoluteFIT classes
    • Fitness Journal
    • Program T-Shirt
    • Finisher’s Water Bottle
    • Fitness & Nutrition Blogs
    • Personalized Fitness Program Prescription
    • Nutrition & Meal Planning Session & Support
    • Certified Fitness Coaching to Keep You On Track!
    • Deeply discounted AVAC® programs
    (Including 1:1 Personal Training/Nutrition)
    • Wrap-Up Celebration — Sunday, April 9 @ 10 am

I can’t wait to do this! The kickoff party is Friday, March 10 — I hope to see you there!

—Lydia M.