14 Beautiful Fruit-Infused Waters To Drink Instead Of Soda

via Melissa Harrison - BuzzFeed 1. Strawberry, Lemon, and Basil natashaskitchen.com A classic trifecta. Get the recipe. 2. Orange and Blueberry thepeachkitchen.com To fully fuse the flavors, combine the ingredients in a pitcher and let them sit for up to a day before drinking. Get the recipe. 3. Watermelon and Mint eat-drink-love.com I been drinkin’ watermelon. (And also mint.) Get the recipe. 4. Citrus... Continue Reading →


via Marcus Edwardes - AVAC I’m usually very diligent about hydrating before, during and after Spinning  - and as a result, I am going to re-up my commitment to pre-class fueling with a sports drink or electrolyte enhanced water. Here’s an Amazon link to the Electrolyte tabs I use - you just pop ‘em in... Continue Reading →

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