Hiking as an Opportunity for Camaraderie

Submitted on behalf of Andrea Schwartz, long-time AVAC® Member One day in the spring of 2017, I joined my daughter for a hike. I never considered myself someone who would like hiking, always passing by that section whenever in a sporting goods store. However, something about an outside workout that can be as challenging as... Continue Reading →

Come Blaze Some Trails With AVAC®

AVAC® HIKE CLUB Looking to share in some outdoor adventures with other like-minded individuals? We've got the answer! The AVAC® Hike Club is open to All AVAC® members as well as their friends and family. Hiking is a fantastic way to burn calories and stay limber and strong. It's something that can be done at... Continue Reading →

FREE for DAD this Father’s Day

If you're like me, you're always looking for Father's Day ideas for the special man in your life, whether it be your dad, your husband, son, or even a special father figure. Instead of spending money on store bought gifts, what better way to honor Dad than by spending solid quality time together. Try one... Continue Reading →

Take a Hike!

via - Leah Viele-Verner, Team AVAC® With summer coming close to an end and school about to start, NOW is the perfect time to get out and take a hike. With all whether channels predicting this soon to be harsh winter, take advantage of all the outdoor activities surrounding us. No matter what age, shape,... Continue Reading →

Wildflower Walk At Calero Park

via Mary Ann Smith - AVAC On Wednesday, April 16, 22 members and guests met at Calero Park to enjoy an easy to moderate 2.6 mile Spring hike on open fire roads with views of spectacular wildflowers and Calero reservoir. We heard the Park Ranger teach us about wildflowers and oak woodlands. At the end... Continue Reading →

13 Reasons You Should Be Spending More Time Outside

via Arianna Rebolini - BuzzFeed Flickr: skoeber / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: asphericlens Forest visits have been shown to increase number (by nearly 50%) and activity of natural cancer-killing cells. (Source). Flickr: goingslo / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: goingslo Source. Flickr: nosha / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: nosha Following stressful events, blood... Continue Reading →

The Day Trip

via Sheena Dinga - AVAC I have always loved going on hikes. Exploring new areas always brings excitement to any day. Just last year my boyfriend and I hiked in parts of Puerto Vallarta and through the Colorado Rockies. Although I have to say that I have never done a day hike like the one... Continue Reading →

Go Nuts

via Daily Infographic Going on a long hike? Take some nuts. Nuts are light enough to carry around and still pack the high energy needed when you hit the trails. That’s why nuts are the greatest snack of all time! Nuts are used in almost all ingredients and can make or break a meal.  They... Continue Reading →

The Best Week Of My Life

via Sheena Dinga - AVAC When my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go camping in Colorado with him for a week, I thought, why not? I love the outdoors and I will never turn down an opportunity to actually see the stars. And it turned out to be the most amazing week of... Continue Reading →

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