13 Reasons You Should Be Spending More Time Outside

via Arianna Rebolini - BuzzFeed Flickr: skoeber / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: asphericlens Forest visits have been shown to increase number (by nearly 50%) and activity of natural cancer-killing cells. (Source). Flickr: goingslo / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: goingslo Source. Flickr: nosha / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: nosha Following stressful events, blood... Continue Reading →

Olive Oil [infographic]

via Michaela Lacy - Daily Infographic Olive oil, known to some as oil of the gods. Olive oil first originated in Ancient Greece, where the olive tree was often referred to as “the tree that feeds the children,” and has been highly sought after ever since. Today, most of us have a sleek bottle of... Continue Reading →

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