New Year, New You? No! Same You — But Stronger

Go ahead, use the start of a new year to commit to your own goals in AbsoluteFIT! There’s a reason gyms fill up in January: In this weird liminal space between Christmas and New Year’s, it’s hard not to find yourself thinking of the year to come, and what changes you want to make. If... Continue Reading →

ABC’s to Health, Fitness & Wellness

AVAC® Introduces "The Vail Blog" - A monthly blog piece discussing the "ABC's" of discipline in health, fitness and wellness. via - Jackie Vail, Team AVAC® The Vail Blog Since 9th grade, I’ve known I had challenges with my understanding of the English language, especially with sentence structure -- and with finding the discipline on... Continue Reading →

Relativity, AbsoluteFIT Style

 Time flies in the AbsoluteFIT studio. Or doesn’t, depending on what you’re doing at the time … Do you know how long 50 seconds is? Well, it’s ten seconds less than a minute. But also, if you’re doing an elbow plank on a stability ball with your toes on a box, it’s about three hours.... Continue Reading →

Live Longer & Healthier by Doing This

via - Becky Smothermon, Group Fitness Director, AVAC® Training For Life There are many reasons to start or continue a fitness regime. A young athlete may choose to add resistance, speed, agility and or balance training to their weekly schedule to enhance their performance in a specific sport. As we age we may or may... Continue Reading →

Lydia Does Disney (*again!)

Mighty Mouse Walking, climbing, 40-lb. overhead presses, sudden HIIT work … all part of a day at the Happiest Place on Earth.  via - Lydia M, AVAC's infamous AbsoluteFIT blogger I’ve said it before — right here, last year — and if I’m lucky, I’ll get to say it again: The Mouse’s House is no... Continue Reading →

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