AbsoluteFIT Friends: Meet Steven!

Fitness is a journey the whole family can take together! You know what’s a good attribute for AbsoluteFIT? Being a good sport — and today’s AbsoluteFIT friend is one of the best. Steven is a super-consistent regular in the studio, often with his wife, Doris; it’s a rare morning workout that doesn’t have one or both... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Day

We've got some AMAZINGLY FUN Group Fitness classes at AVAC®! From ZUMBA, to Athletic Conditioning, and even Family Hip Hop... Our Group Fitness classes are a BLAST! View our schedule here.... There's truly Something For Everyone!

Core Exercises To Add To Your Cardio

via Marcus Edwardes - AVAC Hello Riders! There’s no doubt that Indoor Cycling is an incredible cardiovascular workout. There are in fact countless documented benefits to consistent cardio exercise that include increases in Energy and Productivity and even improved Learning and Memory. That’s right - Spinning can turn you into an unstoppable Success Machine!  I’m... Continue Reading →

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