Tonight’s Tips For Weight Loss

via - While losing weight isn't something that happens overnight, doing some prep work the night before can make all the difference when you step on the scale. If slimming down and becoming healthier are two goals at the top of your priority list, here are four must dos to make part of your... Continue Reading →


Slash 100+ Calories All Day Long

Looking for ways to battle the bulge this holiday season? Here's a way to save up to 100 calories each meal and keep your tummy in check! Cutting calories doesn't have be a confusing battle. Whether it's morning, noon, or night, these helpful swaps will make a big difference in your total calorie count for... Continue Reading →

33 Low-Sugar Recipes That Are Totally Sweet!

via - America’s love of sugar has gotten a little out of control—we’ve gone from adding it to sweet things like pies, fudge, and muffins to having it listed as one of the first ingredients in everything from canned soup to crackers to breakfast sandwiches. But as more research reveals the not-so-sweet side effects of too... Continue Reading →

Holiday Detox Green Smoothie

Holiday Detox Green Smoothie A refreshing, post-indulgence pick-me-up! via - FitnessRX During the holidays, we all know what happens—even to the best of us. There are indulgences, parties and way too many sweets and glasses of wine. That said, I truly believe you can make it through the holidays unscathed if you properly structure your workouts,... Continue Reading →

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