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It May Not Be Pretty, But It’s Hot!

All glamour, all the time, up in the AbsoluteFIT studio! I don’t look all that good when I work out — my face gets red, I sweat, my hair looks a mess. There are some women who do the exact same AbsoluteFIT workout that I do, but still look like a fitness magazine photoshoot (hey,... Continue Reading →

A Challenging Week, Indeed!

via - Lydia M., AbsoluteFIT Challenge 2.0 Participant I’ve eaten more spinach this week than in the last year. You?       AbsoluteFITness Challenge 2.0 Update: OK, first the good news: One week in, the needle has already moved on the scale. I am pleasantly sore from all the workouts. I wouldn’t say I have... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Fitness Baseline?

Continuing on in our new series "The Vail Blog" - A monthly blog piece discussing the "ABC's" of discipline in health, fitness and wellness. via - Jackie Vail, Personal Trainer, Team AVAC® The Vail Blog - "B" Where or what is your fitness Baseline? What's a baseline? To be simple, a starting point. To see... Continue Reading →

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