It’s a Great Time to do the ‘D’

Continuing on in our regular series “The Vail Blog” – A monthly discussion on the “ABC’s” of discipline in health, fitness and wellness. via – Jackie Vail, Personal Trainer, Team AVAC® The Vail Blog – “D” When creating a diet plan, we can learn a lot from the letter D. From dried fruit and nuts to... Continue Reading →

14 “Healthy” Foods You’ve Been Lied To About

via Erin La Rosa - BuzzFeed 1. Dried fruit Via This is tough, because, yes — it’s a fruit, and it has things like fiber. But because it’s dried, it also has at least three times the calories of fresh fruit. And usually some added sugar, along with sulfur to keep it preserved. (Just as an example, a bag... Continue Reading →

Healthy Valentine’s Day Treat

via The World Wide Gourmet These dried strawberries are easily made in your oven. Their heart shape makes them a great healthy Valentine's Day treat alternative. Ingredients Strawberries Salt Pepper Method Halve strawberries (to make a heart shape) and place on a baking sheet Season with salt and pepper Dry in the oven for 3... Continue Reading →

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