MUFA’s and PUFA’s.. . Why You Should Be Eating Them If You Want to Lose Weight

via - | by LETA SHY The secret to dropping pounds, reducing your risk of heart disease, and feeling better overall may just be filling your plate with fats. While eating more fat doesn't mean drowning your veggies in butter, it does mean focusing on two types of "good" fats: MUFAs, or monounsaturated fats, and PUFAs... Continue Reading →

Compare and Contrast: AbsoluteFIT, FTW!

It only takes one non-AbsoluteFIT workout to appreciate what you’ve got. via - Lydia M., AVAC's resident AbsoluteFIT blogger 🙂 So, a friend of mine prevailed upon me to go with her to a new workout studio that she had gotten interested in, the location of which is very convenient to her commute. She knows... Continue Reading →

What the Heck is a Watermelon Radish?

Watermelon Radishes DO Exist! Have you tried our Salad Bar at the AVAC® Poolside Cafe'? With multiple lettuce choices (including a 'super' green) and a wide range of unique toppings from farro to watermelon radish, you're sure to please your palate with our wide selection of healthy flavors and textures. Top off the freshness with grilled... Continue Reading →

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