28 Clever Products You Need To Get In Shape For 2014

via Peggy Wang - BuzzFeed 1. Cloudrunner trainers are the shoes you’ll want to go running in just as an excuse to put them on. run247.com According to makeup artist to the stars Lisa Eldridge, “It’s like running on bouncy clouds.” 2. The next best thing: Thorlo Padded Running Socks fitsugar.com / Via fitsugar.com They give that extra layer... Continue Reading →

One Exercise To Know This Week: Planks

via Mackenzie Kruvant & Chris Ritter - BuzzFeed This simple pose is a fitness building block. How you do it: Why you should know it: The plank is an exercise all fitness buffs should know. It helps with wrist and arm strength as well as core activation. With endless variations, the exercise seamlessly shifts from beginner to advanced. The... Continue Reading →

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