15 Reasons You Should Find Yourself A Workout BFF

via Ziplock - BuzzFeed 1. They’ll do the ridiculous-looking moves with you so you don’t look absolutely insane at the gym. Via youthewhoa.com You doing the move: cray. Both of you doing the move: totally normal, move along haters. 2. They make SURE you get up for your early-morning workout together. Via fitgirlprblms.tumblr.com No excuses boo boo! 3. They turn... Continue Reading →

15 Unbelievably Adorable Animals Exercising

via BuzzFeed 1. Ready to exercise? Let’s start with a stretch! 2. Nice motions! 3. #NailedIt 4. Work that Child’s Pose! 5. Ahhhh… this is the life. 6. Let’s pick up the pace. Work on that cardio! 7. Maybe do some pull-ups! 8. Work that core! 9. Someone’s been practicing! 10. Whoa! Look at that leg! 11. Nice arch! 12. On to push-ups. 13. Too much cuteness. Let’s... Continue Reading →

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