Do You Ever Do This?

Do you ever find yourself silently rooting yourself on before a challenge or workout? If not, you should!  Here's some surprising insight into why talking to yourself can be a powerful motivator! via - Furthermore |   GET COMPETITION-READY BY USING THE THIRD PERSON THE SCIENCE Before or during competition, one of performance psychology’s most... Continue Reading →

Want to Keep Your Children Active? Try This!

via - Sheena, Team AVAC® Keeping kids active today can sometimes be more challenging than we think. You need options, right? Something fun. Something they can do with their friends or even do as a family. Something to get them out of the house! A new experience maybe? I have the perfect solution….TriAVAC 2017! Triathlon events... Continue Reading →

Burn a “Different” Kind of FAT By Doing This!

via - fitness magazine The Crazy-Awesome Benefit of Running in Cold Weather Running in cold weather boasts extra body benefits, according to new research. Here's how to take advantage of the chilly temps—without compromising your safety. Sure, it is freezing outside. But before you retreat to the treadmill for your run, consider this: Chilly temperatures may... Continue Reading →

The 10 Best Recovery Foods for Runners

There's more to life than drinking smoothies after every run. Here are 10 great options to help you rebuild after tough workouts. via - What you eat after a long, hard run has a big impact on how well you recover and how hard you can run the next day. “Eating well after endurance exercise... Continue Reading →

How to Learn to [Actually] Like Running

via - I’ve completed three marathons, but I wasn’t born with an I-love-running gene. In middle school I dreaded the mile, and I dragged my feet the entire four laps when physical fitness testing came around. In high school I joined the cross-country team because all of my friends were doing it—I was the... Continue Reading →

Amanda’s Will to Change

“It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” ~Anthony Robbins      Three years ago, Amanda Satulovsky, an overweight, inactive mom of two young children found herself in a difficult situation; she woke one morning with a nagging pain in her lower back. As we often do, Amanda popped a few Advil... Continue Reading →

AVAC® means Family to me!

via - Cathie Fincannon, Team AVAC I have been a part of the AVAC family for 25 years. And when I say family, I mean just that. Yesterday brought that home to me visually in a very real way. If you haven’t heard (and it sure would be hard to say you haven’t with how... Continue Reading →

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