AbsoluteFIT, the Stress-Busting Anxiety-Crusher

Virtually all research agrees: Physical activity like AbsoluteFIT helps relieve stress and anxiety.  Are you stressed? Anxious? Yeah, same — and I don’t think I know anybody who isn’t, at least in the everyday way. And sometimes, working out can seem like one. more. thing. on that eternal, stress-causing to-do list. But — supported by... Continue Reading →


Against “Gymtimidation”: AbsoluteFIT and Atmosphere

Don’t fear the studio — you’re among friends, and if you don’t even know what a stability ball is, we’ll help you out! These days, the AbsoluteFIT studio feels like an extension of my own house — I know where everything is, and when a trainer starts telling us what equipment we’ll be using, I... Continue Reading →

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