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WonderMom Can Do Anything!

via – Lydia M., AbsoluteFIT blogger

AbsoluteFIT keeps you strong, even in your dotage — tell that to the kids!

Kids — sometimes they underestimate their parents.

One of my most treasured childhood memories was the steaming summer afternoon when I was twelve, and my fifteen-year-old brother and two of his friends — all nearing six feet tall, with wingspans to match — challenged my mom to a 3-on-1 game of basketball. They saw a 35-year-old 5’5” mom of three; practically an old lady, surely no match for them.

Long story short: The 1966 high school state semifinals bball champ absolutely smoked those boys — burnt their weak game to the ground! It was glorious!

My own kids are still young enough that they think I can pretty much do anything, but they were somewhat skeptical when I said I could jump two-footed onto something as high as their beds. They tried it themselves several times and said it was impossible. Well:

Take that, young whippersnappers! I’m going to keep doing AbsoluteFIT, at least in part because I want to keep blowing their minds for decades to come.

—Lydia M.


Lydia Markoff is an Almaden-area writer, mom, and fitness enthusiast with Texas roots, a New York education, and a Californian heart. She plays bass, reads a lot, watches too much TV, and can be found in the AbsoluteFIT studio three to five times a week. Her life goals include having a body like Linda Hamilton’s in Terminator 2, and/or having Bill Murray randomly crash a party she is attending. If you need something from her, try bribing her with good coffee or cold beer; odds are, she wants one or the other of those right now.

A Fabulous Fitness Workout

Continuing on in our regular series “The Vail Blog” – A monthly discussion on the “ABC’s” of discipline in health, fitness and wellness.

via – Jackie Vail, Personal Trainer, Team AVAC®

The Vail Blog – “F”. . .

The letter “F” has the fundamentals that can help provide you with a fabulous fitness workout.


Starting with FUN: Enjoy what you are doing in the moment!

Beyond that moment is FREQUENCY, how often you schedule this fitness routine?

Within this workout, you should include a FULL body movement, like Burpee push-ups.

Most importantly, consider how you FUEL your body. A perfect choice is with delicious macro nutritious foods! What’s are those, you ask? The body needs all three macros’ for optimal fuel: Carbohydrate, protein and fat.

Hungry for more fun fitness facts, let’s talk jvail@avac.us.


To Lift or Not To Lift?

via – Jamie Ortiz, AVAC® Certified Personal Trainer

Up until I was 21, I only stuck to the basics in the gym. Cardio, cardio, a little playing around in the weight area and more cardio.

Most women believe that if they incorporate only cardio in their plan they will lose weight. But in reality, lifting weights while still incorporating some cardio will benefit women MUCH more. It wasn’t until I was finally shown my way around the weight area of my club and learned proper lifting techniques that I fell in love with everything about the gym and actually started seeing solid results.

Lifting weights isn’t just about getting so called ” buff ” or ” toned”. Instead, it creates stronger muscles and personally makes me feel better and more confident in all aspects of my life.

A good way to ease into weight lifting is by incorporating 3 days/week at the beginning. Just this simple addition will give you meaningful results.

Whether you’re looking to loose that little ‘tummy pooch’ we all hate or ‘tone that tush’, it’s all possible with the right dedication!



Stay tuned for my workout of the week. . .

-Jamie | jortiz@avac.us | 209.271.4640

• CPR Certified
• SJSU Alumni

Jamie Ortiz’s passion for the industry began when she fell in love with fitness, weights & overall health! Her objective is to encourage, uplift & motivate all of her clients. She will be your confidence builder & push you to your limits while making each workout fun! “Fitness & exercise gives me the endorphins to de-stress & become a healthier version of myself. Being able to teach my clients this is very rewarding. I like to go by the motto, when you look good – you feel good & when you feel good- you look good! I look forward to helping you become a healthier version of YOU.”

The Struggle Was Real

via – Marie Dierks, AVAC® CPT

As I sat down to share some totally fancy thoughts on kinesiology I realized I was compelled to share the following instead. . .

I dropped my kids off at school this morning and my 5 year old daughter decided it would be the perrfect opportunity to have a complete melt down. (She’s in kindergarten.) I literally had to pick her up and drag her into class.

The struggle was REAL!

So now I’m going to tattle on myself….I had a mommy moment and started to cry. By the time I got to AVAC I had already given myself about 5 pep talks….mostly relating to how I need to get my game face on and be there for my Absolute fit clients. And so I did! Buuuuut, if I’m being honest, it’s the Clients themselves who actually lift ME up… Today especially. As soon as I saw their smiling faces I felt so much better!

This experience was a great reminder of how much we feed off of each other’s energy and good vibes! How we get soooo much more out of the Absolute fit classes then just the great workout.

Good energy, great support and amazing friendships!

I feel truly blessed to a part of the AVAC team and honored every day to contribute to the goals and the success of others! And today I humbly thank my clients for being my uplifting support!




It’s a Great Time to do the ‘D’

Continuing on in our regular series “The Vail Blog” – A monthly discussion on the “ABC’s” of discipline in health, fitness and wellness.

via – Jackie Vail, Personal Trainer, Team AVAC®

jackie-vailThe Vail Blog – “D”

When creating a diet plan, we can learn a lot from the letter D. From dried fruit and nuts to vitamin D, make sure you are defining healthy choices on a daily routine.  A daily plan and determination will make the commitment for discipline easier to conquer!

A quick and easy idea for a snack is to have dried fruit and nuts available in your pantry. They are loaded with wonderful nutrients and a handful is perfect in offering controlled intake.

driedfruit.jpgWhen choosing your fitness routine try to include some time outside. Vitamin D through natural sunlight is a wonderful way to ensure you get the health benefits necessary for beautiful skin!

∴ A great explanation of Vitamin D and why it’s important for us.

Is dried fruit good or bad? A detailed article on this debate.

– Jackie Vail, CPT


Helpful Tips to Use Next Time You’re on the Keiser

via – Jon Cebula, CPT, AbsoluteFIT Coach @ AVAC®

In the world of sports and fitness your ability to properly set-up your equipment is crucial to athletic success as well as longevity. Improper set-up of athletic and fitness equipment can quickly lead to injuries of various degrees. Today I would like to give you some quick pointers on how to properly set-up the Keiser Indoor Fitness Cycle found on AVAC’s fitness floor as well as in all of our Spin Classes.

Adjustments for Cycle Seat – Height:keiser-bike

  1. Stand next to cycle, close to and beside the saddle facing forward.
  2. Position the seat so that the top of the saddle (seat) is level with the top of the hip, the “Bump” (Iliac Crest).
  3. Once the height of the seat is set, tighten T-Handle screw on shaft of seat.
    • Cyclists Height:
      • 5’0 – 5’3: A – B 
      • 5’4 – 5’6: B – D
      • 5’7 – 5’9: D – G
      • 5’10 – 6’1: G – I
      • 6’2 +: J+  
  1. Check Alignment: At the bottom of the cycle stroke (6 o’clock position) there should be roughly 5-15 degrees of flexion in the knee.

Adjustments for Cycle Seat – Fore / Aft:

  1. Underneath the Cycle seat is a T-Handle screw, loosen screw to make adjustments to the fore and aft of the cycle seat.
  2. Located underneath the seat are numbers, similar to the lines on a ruler.
    • General Setting: #4
    • People with LONGER legs: #1-3
    • People with SHORTER legs: #5-6
  3. Check Alignment: With the crank at the 3 o’clock position, there should be a 90 degree bend in the knee.

These are the basic point to keep in mind when setting up your Keiser Cycle. If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact me via email at: jcebula@AVAC.us or grab me next time you see me on the fitness floor.



4 Ways Jackie Can Help With Your Discipline

Continuing on in our regular series “The Vail Blog” – A monthly discussion on the “ABC’s” of discipline in health, fitness and wellness.

via – Jackie Vail, Personal Trainer, Team AVAC®

jackie-vailThe Vail Blog – “C”

The letter C begins many words that lead me to have discipline. The first one is COMMITMENT. 

Commit to your weekly workout by scheduling each one ahead of time. Writing them down will keep you on track and give your health goals a completion date to hold you accountable.

Second and third are COURAGE and CONFIDENCE. Have the courage to believe in yourself and you will have confidence to know that you can try something new and can succeed.

Finally, why not add some CANTALOUPE to your food choices, it is loaded with vitamins A and C!

Looking for some great nutrition info? Click here.  

– Jackie Vail, CPT