Do You Ever Do This?

Do you ever find yourself silently rooting yourself on before a challenge or workout? If not, you should!  Here's some surprising insight into why talking to yourself can be a powerful motivator! via - Furthermore |   GET COMPETITION-READY BY USING THE THIRD PERSON THE SCIENCE Before or during competition, one of performance psychology’s most... Continue Reading →

Want to Keep Your Children Active? Try This!

via - Sheena, Team AVAC® Keeping kids active today can sometimes be more challenging than we think. You need options, right? Something fun. Something they can do with their friends or even do as a family. Something to get them out of the house! A new experience maybe? I have the perfect solution….TriAVAC 2017! Triathlon events... Continue Reading →

via - | By: Brad Stulberg How Can I Go from Office Worker to World-Class Athlete? Sarah Piampiano left a high-powered investment banking gig to train for triathlons full time. Five years later, she's a champion. Here's how she did it. Photo: Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images Sarah's unwavering self-belief transformed her from a chain-smoking investment banker just... Continue Reading →

Amanda’s Will to Change

“It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” ~Anthony Robbins      Three years ago, Amanda Satulovsky, an overweight, inactive mom of two young children found herself in a difficult situation; she woke one morning with a nagging pain in her lower back. As we often do, Amanda popped a few Advil... Continue Reading →

Bring it On 2015!

via - Sheena Dinga, Site Manager | AVAC Swim School Yes it is the beginning of the year. The time when we get to start over and make new friends, try new things and make new goals. However it is easy to make new goals, but to actually follow through with them is another story.... Continue Reading →

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