What’s The Cure for Sore Muscles?

via -  outside.com | Erin Beresini The Cure for Sore Muscles? More Movement. Throw away your ice packs and ibuprofen if you want to recover right. Run until it hurts; then run some more. Photo: Thinkstock (via outside.com) Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. RICE has been the go-to treatment plan for pain and soft tissue athletic injuries since... Continue Reading →

Come Blaze Some Trails With AVAC®

AVAC® HIKE CLUB Looking to share in some outdoor adventures with other like-minded individuals? We've got the answer! The AVAC® Hike Club is open to All AVAC® members as well as their friends and family. Hiking is a fantastic way to burn calories and stay limber and strong. It's something that can be done at... Continue Reading →

AVAC® Member Receives National Honor

AVAC® Member Pirjo Polari- Khan has been selected to be the performer of the year by the Finlandia Foundation National. She will be traveling across the United States making presentations in different cities to the local organizations. The Foundation is located in 24 different States. Although Pirjo is well known for her work as a... Continue Reading →

FREE for DAD this Father’s Day

If you're like me, you're always looking for Father's Day ideas for the special man in your life, whether it be your dad, your husband, son, or even a special father figure. Instead of spending money on store bought gifts, what better way to honor Dad than by spending solid quality time together. Try one... Continue Reading →

A 20-Minute Yoga Flow for Crazy Busy Days

via - greatist.com Some days are so nuts that squeezing in a workout doesn’t seem possible, never mind slowing down enough to practice yoga. But here’s the good news: Everyone has 20 minutes. In this video from Grokker, yoga instructor Laura Burkhart takes you through an intermediate vinyasa practice. This balanced flow series is energetic and... Continue Reading →

Brunch on Super Bowl Sunday!

via - Mary Ann Smith, AVAC's Senior Wellness Director Almaden Valley Athletic Club® Valentine Brunch On Sunday, February 7, a group from AVAC® went to brunch to Left Bank in Santana Row.  Yes, it was Super Bowl Sunday.  But at 11:00 am we met for at the restaurant for a brunch put together for us. ... Continue Reading →

Working Out Your Hippocampus!

via - Quartz A Neuroscientist Says There’s a Powerful Benefit to Exercise That Is Rarely Discussed When I was about to turn 40, I started working out regularly after years of inactivity. As I sweated my way through cardio, weights, and dance classes, I noticed that exercise wasn’t just changing my body. It was also... Continue Reading →

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