3 Questions for Parents of Teens

  Parents of Teens! Ask yourself these 3 questions: Does your teen spend a chunk of time on a cell phone, a computer, or playing video games? Have you noticed your teenager slouching, or perhaps hunching over while enjoying screen time? Are you looking for a way to help your teenager improve his or her... Continue Reading →

Pilates: Where Should I Start?

You’ve probably heard of PILATES, and you might have seen a Pilates reformer or even that intimidating-looking device in the upstairs studio (aka the Pilates Cadillac) but chances are if you haven’t done a class before you might not know exactly where to begin, which class to attend, or what to expect.     Luckily, Bess... Continue Reading →

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101 Thoughts (So Far) on AbsoluteFIT!

via - Lydia M, AbsoluteFIT blogger Hey, guess what? This is my 101st post for AVAC Life! One hundred times already, I’ve written about the good, the tough, and the powerful parts of the AbsoluteFIT lifestyle — and it still seems like just yesterday that I started this journey. But like any long-running series, I’m... Continue Reading →

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