Trainer Spotlight: Bernadette Auchard

"My fitness journey at AVAC® began in my early 40's, five years into twin motherhood. As a former-college athlete & active 20-30's, age & motherhood had more than complicated my fitness journey. . . in time, mental & physical capability, & endurance. Although I welcome that the re-invented 80's are here, more than rolled my eyes... Continue Reading →

Access To Great Health Clubs On The Road

Looking for an easy way to maintain your workout routine when you travel? We have the answer. AVAC® is a member of IHRSA, the international trade association for health clubs, & participates in their Passport Program, powered by the TrainAway mobile app. This makes it possible for our members to purchase exclusive access to other clubs... Continue Reading →

It’s Tabata Tuesday!

via - Tabata Tuesday Before you tackle this workout, try this quick and effective full-body warm-up. It's just five simple moves but hits every major muscle group and gets your heart pumping. Perform each movement for a total of 4 minutes, alternating between 20 seconds of all-out effort and 10 seconds of rest. The total length of the... Continue Reading →

Supercharge Your Game

via - Oceana Berry, Personal Trainer & AbsoluteFit Coach | Team AVAC® Absolute Athletics Tennis Conditioning at AVAC® When Fridays | 10 - 10:45 am Where Court 11 | AVAC Tennis Complex At AVAC we believe that a tennis conditioning program should meet the demands of an all-around physically challenging, individual sport. To perform at your best, you... Continue Reading →

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