Trainer Spotlight: Bernadette Auchard

“My fitness journey at AVAC® began in my early 40’s, five years into twin motherhood. As a former-college athlete & active 20-30’s, age & motherhood had more than complicated my fitness journey. . . in time, mental & physical capability, & endurance. Although I welcome that the re-invented 80’s are here, more than rolled my eyes at the idea of a step class. I hid in the back for weeks & yet, here I am, more than a year plus later one of the more consistent attendees of Bernadette’s Step Interval class.

Bernadette’s encouragement, intensity, variability, & hard knock demand for excellence in form & effort have me hooked. She is able communicate the potential she sees in her athletes. Bernadette pushes us & we get results. Her own body achievement & class participation provides integrity & foundation.  Bernadette’s training is inspired by her own upward journey so she sees the same potential in her clients. She emphasizes that fitness incorporates more than body strength & stamina; mind & nutrition are essential elements in the journey.

Her classes, personal encouragement, & instruction provided just the right foundation & empowerment to get me back on the weight floor, which has led to even greater mind & body transformation. I am a big fan of Bernadette. Her commitment to & vision for me helped grow strength & confidence in me.  She both lives & inspires change!”

– Erin Crossland, AVAC® Member

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