Arches, Cathedrals & Grounded Awareness

Your feet provide the ability to stand, balance, walk and run but are often overlooked. Our workshop this Sunday, July 28 at AVAC® will demonstrate how asana yoga poses can support your postural alignment and ground your awareness. 

Our foot is quite a complex system when compared to the other skeletal aspects of our body.

Feet provide the ability to stand, balance, walk and run. Although we have evolved into beings with these amazing physical capabilities, this significant structure tends to be ignored or lacks overall care. When we suffer from disease in our feet, everything from bunions to diabetes, our foot alignment can be compromised. In turn, when alignment is imbalanced, it can affect movement as well as our muscles, bones and our mood.

Both men and women suffer from imbalances in the feet. Although, women tend to have a greater occurrence of due to ill-fitting foot ware, men equally have similar problems, including poor foot care.

In either case, creating awareness in your feet can help improve many issues. Have you ever worn a pair of shoes that are too tight? Ironically, not only may your feet hurt, but you might experience a headache. What is the solution to create overall health of the foot which also translates to your whole being?

  • First and foremost wear shoes that fit comfortably. Shoes that are too tight can cause several issues. One of the most obvious is bunions. What’s a bunion you may ask? Well, essentially, your beautiful big toes start to realign themselves. Either the big toe moves on top or maybe even under your second toe causing the ball of the big toe to protrude. When this occurs it greatly impacts your comfort, gait and or balance.
  • Exercises that you can do are simple. Start by stretching your toes energetically. Try to engage the muscles of the feet and toes and spread them as far apart as possible. For extra fun, see if you can stick your fingers between all of your toes. This is a true test of flexibility.

To learn more about your feet and how to improve their health through yoga; join Lisa Radding at her special workshop held at AVAC®:

The Foot: Arches, Cathedrals & Grounded Awareness
Sunday, July 28 | 1:30 – 4 pm

Lisa Radding has been teaching yoga since 2003. Lisa is 500-hour RYT Yoga Alliance Certified, 300-hour Jivamukti Method Certified. 

This is an informative class for all ages. No previous experience required. The practice portion will require use of a strap (supplied in class.) Modifications can be made for those who may have foot or related health issues.

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Thank you Lisa Radding for the content provided in this article!

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