4 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for AVAC’s Self Defense Workshop

People often carry mace or pepper spray as a defense tool, but many have little idea about how to properly use either one. Many times these spray cans are expired or even empty. As a result, relying solely on these products can often give people a false sense of security.

So… What’s the best way to stay safe?

AVAC’s Self-Defense Workshop on August 9th can empower you with the skills to keep a situation from escalating into violence. Led by Master Evans Indola (6-degree black belt,) this workshop provides useful tips on how to break free from an assailant by using wrestling techniques for defense, fighting at close range, and even how using your voice can be a weapon in itself! This class is created for beginners and intermediate levels alike, and is fantastic for teens heading off to college.

4 Reasons to Sign Up!

  1. Build Self Confidence

You’ll be less likely to be targeted as a victim if you know even just the most basic self-defense skills. Your self-concept becomes more positive – and you’ll begin to see yourself as worth defending.

  1. Develop a Fighter’s Reflex

Get the power you need to move quickly and strategically during an attack. Know where to hit and where to step without having to stop and think.

  1. Stay Safe Everywhere You Go

Knowing how to defend yourself will make you feel safer and less anxious about your safety regardless of where you are, at home or travelling in different cities.

  1. Be Extra Aware of Your Surroundings

You can be attacked anywhere, anytime — therefore you should always be on the lookout in case anyone is planning to attack you. AVAC’s Self Defense Workshop can teach you what to look out for, the tell tale signs of an attacker, ways to avoid being a target and so on.

Visit www.avac.us/SelfDefense to RSVP

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