The Relative Importance (or Unimportance) of Numbers in AbsoluteFIT

Fitness is a lot of things, not just a numbers game.

If you are trying to get fit, you’re probably gonna start thinking about the numbers — number of calories burned, number on the scale, number on the tag inside the waistband of your jeans.

And honestly, sometimes, the numbers are how you know whether or not you’re on the right track for your goals. But they can be misleading, and they can cause distress — especially if they’re not what you want to see. It even happens to me sometimes, like when I became annoyed by a stubborn two-pound uptick from my new normal. I reviewed my eating patterns: unchanged. I counted up my workouts: unchanged. It wasn’t hormonal, and it apparently wasn’t temporary.

But then I realized: I’ve been lifting heavier and heavier weights in my AbsoluteFIT workouts. Could it be … muscle? I took measurements: lo and behold, every data point was the same or smaller than the last time I took them, several months ago.

My conclusion: Only pay attention to the numbers that matter. For instance, the number 30 on a dumbbell you’re doing sumo squats with (when 10 used to feel heavy), or the number of these you can do in 40 seconds:

And for pete’s sake, don’t worry about anyone else’s numbers — showing up to one (1) AbsoluteFIT session and doing your best is the goal, all by itself.

—Lydia M.

Lydia Markoff is an Almaden-area writer, mom, and fitness enthusiast whose AbsoluteFIT journey has resulted in major strength gains, nutrition education, approximately 25 fewer pounds on the scale, and dozens of new workout friends. She can be found in the AbsoluteFIT studio three to five times a week — it’s basically her second living room, at this point, but with fewer Legos, Harry Potter wands, and Wimpy Kid books. 

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