“My AVAC All-Star WOW Team”

“My AVAC® Triple WOW Team Helped Me Achieve Results I Never Dreamed Were Possible”

Two years ago my autoimmune disease was limiting my mobility and causing severe pain. I was told remission wasn’t possible. I sat down for an orientation with Ashley Ingoglia, AVAC® Certified Personal Trainer in hopes of developing an exercise plan to reduce further inflammation. If you ask her – I’ll bet she never imagined she’d receive a return call as I promised, but once Fall came, she did…

As I have often told Chris Cordova, AVAC’s Fitness Director, Ashley continues to motivate me (even after all this time) to be at the gym 5 days a week. “THE GYM” was 2 words that were not part of my vocabulary 2 years ago, but is now a solid part of my lifestyle, my daily routine, my new normal. It’s been an amazing journey and I love it… I feel AMAZING! My doctors now tell me I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. And even though weight loss was not my primary goal, I’ve lost over 75 pounds as an added benefit! Thank you Ashley for being my SUPERHERO…  my CHAMPION!

Left to Right: Laura Hsu, Ashley Ingoglia, Inez Dominguez, Bess Mahaney

My goal when joining AVAC® was really just to increase daily movement. Although I know Ashley won’t take the credit – I can honestly say that I could never have achieved these results without her. She is my rock and the catalyst behind it ALL. Ashley strives for perfection, knows just how far to push to me, and has concern for her client’s well-being that goes well beyond training sessions. She was keen on ensuring I consumed enough daily calories, and really emphasized the importance of breakfast nutrition. It was at this point that Ashley suggested I join AVAC’s 28-Day Nutrition Challenge. Because I have such trust and confidence in Ashley, it’s easy to follow her recommendations. So, I added another member to my WOW team, Laura Hsu, AVAC® in-house Nutritionist.

My AVAC® All Star Team lead by Ashley, AVAC® Personal Trainer.  🙂

Laura suggested I try Paleo-Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). AIP has been a life changer! Nutrition changes at my age? I never would have imagined. It’s amazing what Laura has taught me about AIP. This program has become my new normal, and my entire family has helped me embrace the concept. Laura has turned me into a “real foodie” as she says! You must make a choice to take a chance or life will never change. I can’t imagine how I survived before AIP. Laura and I continue to learn week after week about this amazing food program that has further enhanced my well being. I’m now able to sleep better, identify and avoid foods that cause joint pain, and I’ve reduced my over the counter medications as well as one of my autoimmune medications. This is a huge milestone! I’m grateful to Laura for giving me the opportunity to do AIP and make these changes. Continuing to work with her will ensure my RA gets better and give me the tools that will drive me to my next goal.

And last but NOT least… Pilates with Ms. Bess, my final WOW. A game changer too! Ashley was persistent I schedule Pilates with Bess. “It will be good for you,” Ashley promised, and remember – I ALWAYS listen to Ashley’s recommendations. Pilates has been a game changer for my autoimmune disease. I have improved core strength, greater flexibility, better posture, better balance, greater hip flexion, the list goes on. With a stronger core I’ve been able to control my body better and take pressure off tender joints.  “Push through Pilates I say”…. Bess very patiently guides me each week through amazing sessions and also helps my mind and body connection. Her easygoing, good-natured personality immediately removed any fears of Pilates I had. She displays an encouraging “you can do this” attitude with each new movement she introduces. The stretching component of Pilates coupled with Bess’ reminders to breathe, gives this “hyper-RA” body the opportunity to relax, and the connection feels amazing!

Her sessions are challenging, yet refreshing and I leave feeling better than when I walked in. Bess’ sessions have crossed over to my training sessions and Ashley recognizes my overall improved strength, flexibility, etc., since I’ve started Pilates. Thank you Ms. Bess for enhancing my overall strength/flexibility/mind!

Although I’m not quite sure how they do it, both Ashley and Bess have a way of keeping my sassy disposition in check to maximize my training sessions.

My days are now PAIN FREE and I can keep up with my granddaughters like never before! I was told remission wasn’t possible with my autoimmune disease. I’m confident that my “WOW Wellness Team” of Ashley, Laura & Bess will be the ones to help me reach a once unimaginable goal of RA remission!

A happy AVAC® Member, celebrating tremendous WOWS!

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