Pilates: Where Should I Start?

Blog 9.20.18

You’ve probably heard of PILATES, and you might have seen a Pilates reformer or even that intimidating-looking device in the upstairs studio (aka the Pilates Cadillac) but chances are if you haven’t done a class before you might not know exactly where to begin, which class to attend, or what to expect.  
Luckily, Bess Mahaney (AVAC® Pilates instructor) is here to help you navigate the path to Pilates! Read on for Bess’ explanation of the principles and fundamentals of this amazing exercise method, and find out how to join her at an upcoming Pilates Mat and/or Orientation class.

Take advantage of Bess’ special introductory package:
3 Private Sessions for $210 ($45 savings!) 

Pilates Principles and Fundamentals…Why are they important?

The Pilates Method of exercise is based on Six Pilates Principles as well as Fundamentals; also known as “pre-pilates.”

These Principles: centering, control, concentration, precision, breathing, and flowing movement are what make Pilates so unique. All six of the principles are an integral part of every class. The principles and fundamentals are an essential foundation to any Pilates practice, whether on the mat or various Pilates apparatus.

The Fundamentals are basic movements  to help clients build body awareness and learn how to work from the deep, stabilizing muscles as well as learn to move with precision. Fundamentals will allow students to discover the true essence of Pilates and build a solid practice and efficient movement patterns that help students move through life. Some examples of fundamentals are: (neutral spine, arms over, knee folds, pelvic clock, four point kneeling, abdominal curls) Each exercise, regardless of what apparatus, contains at least one of the fundamentals.

Are you ready to learn first-hand about these principles and fundamentals? Please join me for a Mat Fundamentals class Wednesdays at 9 am and an Orientation/Restorative Pilates class on equipment on Wednesdays at 4 pm. Both classes start October 3rd.

Looking forward to seeing you in class!

Bess Mahaney, Certified Pilates Instructor
Almaden Valley Athletic Club®
Cell: 408.202.9359 | Office: 408.445.4900

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