Absolute Milestones: On Consistency

AbsoluteFIT isn’t a destination, it’s a journey — and you only have to do one step at a time.


Did you see the photo with this post? MyFitnessPal, the health-tracking app, notified me last week that I’ve tracked for 550 days in a row.

Five hundred and fifty days. In a row. 

Have I done it perfectly? Heck, no — many days, I’ve underreported, or tracked only the day’s first meal, or pre-added a workout that I later ended up missing. But have I done it — have I checked in every day, kept mindful of my goals, watched those days add up and my fitness gains build on each other? Yes.

The journey of a thousand miles, as they say, begins with a single step.

Fitness-wise, that means maybe keep a big goal in sight — but to achieve it, actually do just one thing at a time; for instance, make it a habit to show up for two AbsoluteFIT workouts per week. When that feels normal, make one significant tweak to your diet (e.g. no more sugar in your afternoon coffee). When that’s part of your life and routine, scoop up something else on the way — another good habit, another specific strength or endurance goal, etc.

One day at a time, y’all — we can all get there together!

-Lydia M. 

Lydia Markoff is an Almaden-area writer, mom, and fitness enthusiast whose AbsoluteFIT journey has resulted in major strength gains, nutrition education, approximately 25 fewer pounds on the scale, and dozens of new workout friends. She can be found in the AbsoluteFIT studio three to five times a week — it’s basically her second living room, at this point, but with fewer Legos, Harry Potter wands, and Wimpy Kid books. 


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