AbsoluteFIT Friends: Meet Michelle!

AbsoluteFIT is a key part of Michelle’s fitness routine. 

One of the best features of AbsoluteFIT is the people you meet in the studio. Michelle is a consistent regular in AbsoluteFIT workouts, and a welcoming, friendly face whom you can count on to challenge you as you do your thing; here, she shares some thoughts about the program.

Q: Why do you do AbsoluteFIT?

A: I do AbsoluteFIT because I love interval training, the variety of classes, and to be challenged.  The instructors quickly assess what the class attendees can handle and tailor each session based on that. They make sure that each session is different from the last, whether it’s a partner workout, power, endurance or Tabata. Music playlist is key as well and they make sure that it’s fun and motivating.

Q: How long have you been doing AbsoluteFIT, and about how often do you attend sessions?

A: I’ve been doing AbsoluteFIT for almost 2.5 yrs. I attend twice a week, usually John Kensit’s Metabolic Conditioning and Jackie Vail’s Boot Camp.

Q: What are some of your favorite things about AbsoluteFIT? 

A: Some of my favorite things about AbsoluteFIT are the instructors and workout mates. The instructors know me better than I know myself. Knowing how strong I am, they make sure that I lift heavier weights, row and spin faster, bend deeper, throw higher, all while having correct form. I must give credit to my workout mates too. They are just as serious about working out as I am or more so that they end up bringing out the best in me. I find that I push myself more by working out alongside these amazing athletes. I love our AbsoluteFIT family!

Q: What are your favorite and least favorite moves we do in the workouts? 

A: My favorite moves are plyometric exercises that get my heart pumping quickly, such as alternating lunge jumps and jump squats. My least favorite moves are the bear crawl and pull ups.

Q: Anything else?

A: AbsoluteFIT is an important part of my fitness routine, which includes other types of high-intensity studio workouts, trail running, and Insanity Max 30 workouts at home a couple of times a week. I used to think that having one gym membership was all that I needed, but I’ve learned after having a family that that wasn’t true for me, and that each gym has something different to offer; that said, I couldn’t imagine being without AbsoluteFIT at AVAC. It definitely meets my need of interval training close to home, with great people; the bonus is childcare for my young boys while I have my “me” time. And once I’m done, my kids and I can have fun at the pool and grab a bite to eat at the Cafe.


Thanks so much, Michelle! And, readers, if you’d like to be profiled, let me know — we’re all among friends in AbsoluteFIT!

—Lydia M. 


Lydia Markoff is an Almaden-area writer, mom, and fitness enthusiast whose AbsoluteFIT journey has resulted in major strength gains, nutrition education, approximately 25 fewer pounds on the scale, and dozens of new workout friends. She can be found in the AbsoluteFIT studio three to five times a week — it’s basically her second living room, at this point, but with fewer Legos, Harry Potter wands, and Wimpy Kid books. 

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