Let’s Get Back to the Basics with AVAC’s Nutrition Series

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September 2018 Nutrition Lecture Series

‘Nutrition Simplified—Getting Back to Basics’ With Laura HsuAVAC’s Certified Nutrition Consultant

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Ditch the diets and learn a healthful way to eat for life!

As the title suggests, this 4-part series is all about getting back to basics and demystifying what we should eat (and not eat) for wellness! Learn why food quality and nutrient-density are cornerstones to good health and why a sustainable approach is more successful than a fad diet. Below is a brief description of each class in the series:

All classes are held in the AVAC® conference room (upstairs) from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

  • Session 1 (Tues, October 2nd) —Eating for Health Overview

Learn what ‘Eating for Health’ really means. We’ll discuss a sustainable approach to eating that isn’t restrictive or complicated. You’ll learn the Eating for Health ‘food groups’, as well as foods that act like bandits, robbing the body of stored nutrients. We’ll also discuss the 4 levels of eating and how to eat with the seasons.

  • Session 2 (Tues, October 9th) —Clean Protein and Healthy Fats

During this session we’ll dive into two important macronutrients—protein and fat. We’ll discuss the major roles of protein, how much you really need, and healthy options. We’ll also discuss why fats are crucial to a healthy diet and distinguish between good fats and bad fats.

  • Session 3 (Tues, October 16th) —Colorful, Complex Carbohydrates

This class is all about the third macronutrient–carbohydrates! You’ll learn the difference between good carbs and bad carbs, why eating the rainbow is vital to health, and discuss the virtues and pitfalls of popular low-carb diets. We’ll also talk about the many ways sugar is damaging to health, plus tips for curbing cravings.

  • Session 4 (Tues, October 23th, 7:00-8:00 pm) —Lose Weight and Gain Energy

During this session we’ll discuss strategies for losing those stubborn pounds as well as tips for how to eat for sustained energy throughout the day.

Pricing:    For AVAC® members: $25 per session, or $20 per session ($80 total) if you attend all 4. Non-AVAC members: $30 per session, or $100 for all 4.

Please contact Laura Hsu at (408) 596-0379 or lhsu@avac.us for questions or to register. Reserve your spot now, as space is limited!


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