5 Reasons to Take the 28-Day Nutrition Challenge

Fall Challenge Dates: September 8th—October 5th, 2018

Photo by Anna Pelzer—Unsplash
Photo by Anna Pelzer—Unsplash

Join Laura Hsu, AVAC’s Certified Nutritionist, on a 28-Day Nutrition Challenge!
Need some encouragement? Here are 5 reasons to accept the challenge:

  1. Education—There will be two Powerpoint presentations during the challenge. The first is ‘Eating for Health’, where we will set the tone for what to eat during the challenge. We’ll cover the 3 macronutrients: Fats (good and bad), protein (how much do you really need?) and carbohydrates (not all carbs are bad!) as well as discuss other dietary and wellness strategies. The second talk focuses on sugar and refined carbohydrates: Why is sugar so damaging? How much is OK? What are the best alternatives? Where are the hidden sources? We will also discuss tips and strategies for breaking up with sugar for good.
  2. Menu Ideas and Healthy Recipes—Are you in a food rut? Do you find yourself eating the same 2 or 3 meals day in and day out? Let Laura’s meal plans and recipes give you inspiration for trying new things and learning how healthy eating can be delicious. You will get a different 5-day meal plan each week that is seasonal, healthy and tasty. There are also recipes and ideas for healthy snacks and desserts too!
  3. Customized Private Nutrition Sessions—An important benefit of this challenge is the one-on-one nutrition coaching you get each week. If you have a specific health issue or goal, such as improving digestion, increasing energy or losing a few pounds, Laura can help you address these issues with customized strategies and nutrient recommendations. This customization sets our challenge apart from other programs.
  4. Accountability and Support—At the challenge kick-off, you will receive a food/activity journal. Your task during the challenge is to write down what you eat each day. Each week we will review your journal for the previous week. This accountability is important for a number of reasons. It is also really helpful for Laura to provide guidance and make recommendations each week. We also have a private Facebook page just for current and past challengers for group communication and support. Laura posts healthy tips, recipes or articles almost daily throughout the challenge.
  5. Field Trips—To further enhance your healthy eating journey, Laura will provide an optional (but highly recommended) guided tour of the Campbell’s Farmer’s Market, as well as Whole Foods Market, so she can provide practical tips and ideas for healthy food shopping and show you some of her favorite items.

It is important to remember that this program is not a restrictive diet but rather teaches a sustainable, lifelong way of eating. The AbsoluteNutrition 4-week challenge is the perfect length to ditch bad habits and replace them with healthy ones. Sign up now for this fun and life-changing event! Please contact Laura Hsu to register or if you have any questions about the challenge. She can be reached at (408) 596-0379 or lhsu@avac.us.

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