Enemies of Fitness: AbsoluteFIT to the Rescue! 

Forces internal and external will trip you up — here’s how AbsoluteFIT can help.   

So the last post was about success — this one’s about, well, not failure exactly, but some things that can get in our way, and what we can do about them. Here are some of my recent examples:

  • Illness. I was sick for about ten awful days with the bronchial crud that gets me every year or two — a fever, a throat like fire, and a cough that made me want to remove my own lungs with a spoon. This kind of thing, there’s just no getting around; REST, hydrate, take meds, stay out of the studio (both to avoid aggravating and prolonging your condition, and to avoid passing it along to anyone else!). After a week, when I wasn’t coughing anymore and the fever was gone, I eased back in (LOL!) with Pilates, because I wanted a real workout that didn’t involve breathing hard; AbsoluteFIT really does have something for everyone!
  • Booze. I like to drink, and sometimes, I overdo it … sorry, but if people are bringing out the 12- and 18- and 21-year Scotches like they did at a party Saturday night, I’m gonna try ‘em all. That usually means no workout the next day (uggggh), but an extra good one the day after that (Marcy’s Core Cardio, hooooo boy) — burn out those toxins, and don’t make overindulging a regular thing.
  • Girl Scout Cookies. The cover photo? That’s me the day after the Scotch party, doing my volunteer shift at cookie pickup day — two hours of lifting case after case of Trefoils into SUVs, trucks, and minivans, starting at 8:30 a.m. sharp … good thing I was in good shape, because there is no time to rest. Now begins the task of resisting the boxes of Tagalongs, Thin Mints, and Savannah Smiles in my dang living room — AbsoluteFIT is going to be the key to that (working out, holding on to my fitness gains; also selling to anyone who wants them, so I can get the cookies out of my house!).

What are some of the things you have to work around to keep making progress on your goals?

—Lydia M. 


Lydia Markoff is an Almaden-area writer, mom, and fitness enthusiast with Texas roots, a New York education, and a Californian heart. She plays bass, reads a lot, watches too much TV, and can be found in the AbsoluteFIT studio three to five times a week. Her life goals include having a body like Linda Hamilton’s in Terminator 2, and/or having Bill Murray randomly crash a party she is attending. If you need something from her, try bribing her with good coffee or cold beer; odds are, she wants one or the other of those right now.

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