Celebrating at Cinnabar Hills

Mary Ann Smith, AVAC’s Senior Wellness Director hosted a group of Members for lunch at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club this Holiday season. 

On Friday, December 15, AVAC’s December Senior Wellness luncheon was held at the Cinnabar Golf Club. The ride out to Cinnabar was beautiful; sun shining, pastoral vistas and lake views. Once inside the clubhouse we were seated at a table with our members and guests.

Lunch at Cinnabar is always delicious, and after we feasted on piled-high plates of our choice, one of our members, Betty Auchard, began her story telling. Betty is a published author with three books to her credit and one on the way. Betty has a way of telling a story with love, humor and sensitivity.

Thank you, Betty, for the pleasure of your company and for the wonderful way you capped a memorable day at lunch.

Mary Ann Smith, Wellness Director
Almaden Valley Athletic Club®, San Jose CA

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