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via – Ken DeHart, Director of Player Development, AVAC® Tennis

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina is a beautiful island and home of Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) with 16,000 tennis professionals worldwide. I have been a member of the PTR for 42 years and at one point I served as the Executive Director of the PTR and one of the eight original International Master Professionals in the world. This past week I had an opportunity to attend two incredibly useful PTR seminars in Hilton Head. . .


  1. Tennis Technology for the Future of Tennis. This course looked at the future of tennis as a business, how tennis will be taught, analytics to grow the business, and what clubs will look like in the future. In summary, what we are seeing in tennis NOW is actually 3 years behind what is being developed currently!  See some of the cool ideas on deck for the future…
  2. Directors of Tennis Conference relates to the business and sport of tennis. This includes staffing, serving members, building relationships, and using analytics to run the business and serve the members. We discussed what is believed to be the future of tennis for seniors, juniors, current and future generations.

Although this is a rough description of 4 days with 60+ leaders from around the USA, it provides a vision of the future and a reminder of what has been achieved in the past.

It is special to have time away from the day to day operations to look at the big picture. This is an opportunity to meet with others who are leaders in my field, discuss how others meet challenges, team building and the future of tennis to help me be better for my staff, management and members.

There was an evening of hitting tennis balls while being filmed for video analysis. There was a brief walk on the beach at sunset but mostly discussions until late in the night with fellow tennis professionals about specific situations we face in tennis management.

If you would like to chat more about these seminars, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email.

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