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Letter “H” | The Hips Have It!


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Lower body strength and flexibility are not only key to healthy movement, but also essential to enjoy many activities, such as walking, hiking, running, cycling, rowing, and specific winter sports like alpine or cross-country skiing and snow boarding.

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Hip Extension and Flexion: The Essentials. . .

Including just 5-10 minutes daily to stretch the surrounding muscles of the hip joint will help develop mobility and enable proper strength training of these vital muscles. In a flexibility workout you should consider working the hip flexor (“illio sosas”) TFL (“tensor fascia lata”) gluteus complex, inner thigh (“adductor group”), quadriceps and hamstrings.

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Try to schedule time to stretch and strengthen the hips a few times per week. You’ll soon see a difference in how you feel and move. Activating the connective core muscles will support these movements: Floor bridge, bird dog, plank, superman or cobra, v-sit, and side planks.

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Exercises that stretch the hips in all angles are best. Some hip stretching exercises are kneeling runners lunge, 90 degree hip flexion, Glute #4, lateral straddle for the adductors, and a hip crossover.

Strength exercises can range from very simple to complex movement patterns, and most exercise will involve hip flexion or extension. Hip flexion happens every single time you take a step forward. By adding a little bit of impact such a lunge, you will increase strength. Other options include squats, side step squats, and curtsy.

Hip extension exercises are achieved by extending your leg or legs behind you, like a donkey kick, flutter kick on a bosu ball, and single leg rear kick. Keeping the hip joint moving in all directions will lead to improved hip mechanics.

To compliment hip strength, it’s important to employ hip joint flexibility as part of your daily workout routine to healthy hips. Proper body mechanics will encourage healthy hips and many enjoyable years in your chosen activities.

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