Ever Wonder if You’re Fit 2 Run?

via – Mercedes Erdey, Certified Personal Trainer at AVAC®

First Round Success: Beginner’s Guide to Running Program at AVAC®

court stillWe were delighted with the enthusiastic pack of beginning runners in the first round of the Program! Our dedicated group met Monday and Thursday mornings on the tennis courts. Mondays focused on developing a strong, connected core necessary for taller, more connected overall posture and proper running form. Thursdays were reserved for single leg/single arm strength drills and balance necessary for stable hips and shoulders, and enhanced running performance.

fit2Run hill pic

We included mobility and agility drills and some offsite hill training in order to improve the participant’s speed and endurance. Members were also provided with nutritional guidance and a complete 8-week training plan to prepare them for a 5K, 10K or Half Marathon distance.


Our participants have improved their strength, technique and speed and successfully completed in triathlon events!

curtis rhoden_success pic

“My 13 year old and I are taking this program… Mercedes does a great job of adjusting the workouts so we all progress. My son Curtis (pictured above) completed a triathlon that ended with a 2 mile run after swimming 400 yards and cycling 6 miles!”  -Bob Rhoden

In September we are continuing this program under the new name of “Fit2Run”.

Fit2Run will allow you to train for any running distance, improve your performance in other sports (i.e. tennis, soccer, basketball) or simply enjoy the strength training and conditioning benefits of improved health!

AN ADDED BONUS. . . If you would like to get ready for the Monterey Bay Half Marathon coming November 12, Fit2Run is the perfect program for you!

Hope to see you out there 🙂

Mercedes Erdey | Merdey@avac.us
More information on Fit2Run

What Our Members Are Saying…

“I would like to thank you very much for instructing the Beginner’s Guide to Running classes. For a long time, even though I have always wanted to start running 5Ks and then 10Ks, I had doubts that I could do them without injuring myself.

Thanks to your great training classes, I have learned the proper warmups, stretching technics, and mobility. Your classes help train me to be stronger and I really like your written instructions for every class; They have helped me to remember the training.

Although it has only been 3 weeks out of your 8 week training, I am very confident that I can do a 5 or 10K run in a safe way.”

-Lylan Luong


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