To Lift or Not To Lift?

via – Jamie Ortiz, AVAC® Certified Personal Trainer

Up until I was 21, I only stuck to the basics in the gym. Cardio, cardio, a little playing around in the weight area and more cardio.

Most women believe that if they incorporate only cardio in their plan they will lose weight. But in reality, lifting weights while still incorporating some cardio will benefit women MUCH more. It wasn’t until I was finally shown my way around the weight area of my club and learned proper lifting techniques that I fell in love with everything about the gym and actually started seeing solid results.

Lifting weights isn’t just about getting so called ” buff ” or ” toned”. Instead, it creates stronger muscles and personally makes me feel better and more confident in all aspects of my life.

A good way to ease into weight lifting is by incorporating 3 days/week at the beginning. Just this simple addition will give you meaningful results.

Whether you’re looking to loose that little ‘tummy pooch’ we all hate or ‘tone that tush’, it’s all possible with the right dedication!



Stay tuned for my workout of the week. . .

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Jamie Ortiz’s passion for the industry began when she fell in love with fitness, weights & overall health! Her objective is to encourage, uplift & motivate all of her clients. She will be your confidence builder & push you to your limits while making each workout fun! “Fitness & exercise gives me the endorphins to de-stress & become a healthier version of myself. Being able to teach my clients this is very rewarding. I like to go by the motto, when you look good – you feel good & when you feel good- you look good! I look forward to helping you become a healthier version of YOU.”

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