The Formerly Impossible Becomes … Possible!

via – Lydia M., AbsoluteFIT Blogger Extraordinaire

I used to think I couldn’t do a thing like this, either. 

Before AbsoluteFIT, I could not have imagined myself doing this — a plank-jack (like a jumping jack, but on the floor, starting from a full-extension plank), on gliders, with a pushup, and a knee tuck in between each pushup. What nonsense to even suggest it — I can’t do THAT!!!


That’s Marcy’s voice you can hear on the video, yelling at me — she’s motivational, our Marcy! Heh. But look — I’m doing the move! And although there’s just one in the video, we did a whole bunch of them that day. You get stronger when you do AbsoluteFIT, y’all — you impress the heck out of yourself on the regular. You’re like, “How are those my arms??? MY ARMS!!!”

Get in the studio, y’all — it’s time to impress yourself.

—Lydia M.

Lydia Markoff is an Almaden-area writer, mom, and fitness enthusiast with Texas roots, a New York education, and a Californian heart. She plays bass, reads a lot, watches too much TV, and can be found in the AbsoluteFIT studio three to five times a week. Her life goals include having a body like Linda Hamilton’s in Terminator 2, and/or having Bill Murray randomly crash a party she is attending. If you need something from her, try bribing her with good coffee or cold beer; odds are, she wants one or the other of those right now.


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