Want to Keep Your Children Active? Try This!

via – Sheena, Team AVAC®

triavac-352Keeping kids active today can sometimes be more challenging than we think. You need options, right? Something fun. Something they can do with their friends or even do as a family. Something to get them out of the house! A new experience maybe? I have the perfect solution….TriAVAC 2017!

Triathlon events around the world are adding more and more options for kids to participate and TriAVAC is no different. Studies show that by adding events for kids, parents get involved in the events as well. Seeing their parents participating in an event makes it more comfortable for the kids to jump in, and also helps keep the parents active.

TriAVAC features the main SuperSprint event (400 swim/5 mile bike/2 mile run) for adults 15+, but there are also 3 other events for kids ages 2 ½ years old up to 14! What are they you ask? Well let me fill you in…..

triavac-243⇒ 11-14 Year Olds: Sign up for the Jr Triathlon!

200 swim/3 mile bike/1 mile run

⇒ 10 and Under Crowd: Enjoy the ‘Splash and Dash’ Event

100 yard swim/1 mile run


⇒ Introducing Our Newest Event….THE BALANCE BIKE DUATHLON!

2 ½ -5 year olds Run/Balance Bike/Run – don’t have a balance bike?
No worries, we’ve got you covered… You can rent one for $5!

12376157_925087964488_29815315749664765_n-1February 4th is going to be a family- filled day of events.

In addition to the TriAVAC Triathlon, we will be featuring “TryAVAC” where we open our doors FREE to friends and guests. Whether you come February 4th to compete, or just come for the BBQ and perhaps feel out the waters for next year’s race… Our main goal is to promote an active lifestyle–especially for our little ones. It’s going to be fun to see everyone there celebrating TriAVAC!

-Sheena, Team AVAC®

More Information: Visit Here

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