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jackie-vailThe Vail Blog

Since 9th grade, I’ve known I had challenges with my understanding of the English language, especially with sentence structure — and with finding the discipline on my own to learn that skill properly. Knowing that, I’ve taken courses since then to improve on this and other things (and interestingly, I’ve come to understand that I learn better if I pay for the lesson, training or skill).

Today, as I watch Vail, my 7-year-old daughter, do her 2nd grade English homework, I am amazed by her talent at and understanding of subjects that were a struggle for me; these things come easily to her. But talent is only part of the picture. I’ve always encouraged her to stay focused no matter what she is doing; I want Vail to be disciplined to have success in whatever she does in life, including health and fitness. With both of these ideas in mind, I have developed an ABC for learning the self-discipline to gain insight and take action to make changes in our lives.

success-goal-attainableWeek 1 “A”

There are many words I can think about that begin with an A when relating to the choices we make to our health and well being.  The letter A represents Attainable: Make your goals small and able to reach to give you a positive result.  Also add an apple to your daily intake. The apple has many attributes to a healthy nutrition lifestyle.

This is the beginning of our new discipline actions for the week.  Enjoy!

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away…

– Jackie


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