It’s a Great Weekend for a Quicksilver Hike with AVAC®!

Hike Details | Almaden Quicksilver Park – Historic Trail. This hike is approximately 5.1 miles in length and will take about 2-2.5 hours round trip. This trail was created by the Boy Scouts of Troop 466. This guided tour is intended to provide an introduction to the history of the New Almaden Quicksilver mining operation.... Continue Reading →


AbsoluteFIT with Lydia: Welcome, New Friends! 

via - Lydia M., AVAC's AbsoluteFIT Blogger Be not afraid — follow these tips for a great new-to-AbsoluteFIT experience! With kids starting back to school and parents finding their routine again, I’m betting there will be more new people in the AbsoluteFIT studio — and that is awesome! You might not know what to expect... Continue Reading →


via - A Fabulous Way to Enjoy B-Sprouts! We roast a lot of vegetables in the cooler months. Everything dumped onto one large sheet pan, almost any number of spice combinations, and then you just leave them alone. I am all for minimal hands on time these days while trying to keep both kids... Continue Reading →

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