AbsoluteFIT with Lydia: Fighting the Allure of Screen Time, AbsoluteFIT-Style

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The kids and I both need a break from screen time, and AbsoluteFIT is the key.

Summertime, and every parent is complaining about their kids’ screen time … usually while the parent is looking at his or her own iPhone. Heh. (Surely that’s not just me?)

They need a break — from Minecraft, Nick Jr., and RoBlox — and I need one from Facebook, Previously.TV, and the scrolling blue hellsite that is tumblr. It’s so easy to lose track of time, to just check one more thing, finish one more game, watch one more episode, read one more article, and then you look up and it’s time for dinner — where the heck did the day go?

But! AbsoluteFIT is the single guaranteed screen-free 45 minute block of my day. It’s the one time I’m absolutely certain to focus on something other than my computer or phone, the one time I’m definitely going to be moving, breathing, stretching — and talking to real people, not just iChatting.

And the kids come with me to the awesome new childcare downstairs, where they’re guaranteed to be around other kids. Now, my 8-year-old takes the iPad — but she sits with other kids, explains what she’s doing, teaches them the game, takes suggestions from her audience, so it’s a least a little bit social. And the 4-year-old gets to burn off his abundant energy and bomb around with friends for awhile.

We are all better for it, even if, when we leave, it’s to go Pokemon hunting …

—Lydia M. 



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